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OikosLibre makes sustainable living accessible......

OikosLibre has fully developed the designs of three compact houses. Carnélian is a small module of 11 m², which can be moved and interconnected. Améthyste is a house with a traditional roof and completely insulated with straw bales. Onyx also features insulation with straw bales. Onyx has a more organic design and is part of the landscape.

If you are not sure if you are capable of building your own little house, you can start simple. Build a chicken coop or a small greenhouse. You can learn all the skills you need to build a small house this way. You can do this during your holidays in our workshop. We can also guide you remotely. Central themes are sustainability, autonomy and ecology.

By doing everything yourself and starting small, the transition to a different life is possible for everyone.

Send an e-mail to contact@oikoslibre.org for more information

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