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Registration form 2023 for a course in autonomy

The course focuses mainly on building your own home. This is the first step towards greater autonomy. Your motivation for participating is important to us. The number of places is limited and we particularly want to help people on their way who have the intention of building their own house.  The course will be held in the French department of Corrèze

The registration form has the character of a small market survey in order to better match the offer to the demand.

You can indicate here the presentation you are still missing. The presentations are in French
The aim is to compose the same menu for all participants.
This is for our preliminary planning. If necessary, we can look at options for a low budget event.
We will send a proposed date by email in February
8x 2 hours 7-9pm Mon/Thurs/Fri including workbook. You can indicate another preference below.
This questionnaire is in the nature of a survey to see what the demand is. The final programme will be established at the beginning of January. Filling in this form is therefore without obligation


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